Tanning for Bodybuilding Shows

Are you a bodybuilder who participates in frequent bodybuilding shows?  If so, then the chances are that you have to dedicate a lot of hours to perfecting the ideal tan to show off during your segment of the competition.  Bodybuilding is truly a popular sport, but indeed is all about performance and presentation as well, especially bodybuilding shows.  Much like every day acting, bodybuilding requires talent and skill, along with superb bodybuilding techniques and results, and a polished, sun tanned look to accent your perfectly buffed body as you strut your stuff on stage.


Why is Tanning a Must for Bodybuilding Shows?

The answer is quite simple.  The darker your tan, the more definition you are able to show off to the audience.  When you take into consideration the extremely bright white lights on stage that typically mask any true definition you have and are seeking to show off, you can fully understand why you must have specific bodybuilding tanning techniques in order to effectively and efficiently show off your perfect physique.  Though you may be typically dark tanned all year round, a bodybuilder tan requires a whole lot more ‘dark.’  So dark that you may actually find yourself feeling a bit uncomfortable about the extreme color fearing that it looks more like a fake tan rather than a natural one.

Regardless of your slight discomfort, you will find that the darker your tan, the more defined your body will look.  The consensus is that there is no such thing as a show competition bodybuilder having a tan that is just too dark.  A simple rule of thumb – when you are competing in a bodybuilder show the darker the tan, the more vivid the definition, and the better the results.  With that said, one of the biggest concerns most bodybuilders have is how they should go about tanning for the competition so that they do not step out onto the stage with what appears to be a very fake look but rather a remarkably natural looking, super deep dark tan.

Bodybuilding Tanning Methods

Many bodybuilders choose to engage in UV tanning, usually in a tanning bed, about 4 to 6 weeks prior to their competition.  When using tanning beds they have to be particular about tanning their body evenly and not creating any unsightly tan lines, specifically under the arm pits and along the area of the body where the butt and the leg meet.  Spots of this type will become highly visible when you are striking various poses. You absolutely do not want to have any tan lines when participating in bodybuilding competition.  bodybuilding-competition-ta

Other bodybuilders elect to use spray tanning since it is not only easy to engage in, but very effective in delivering an even, deep dark tan.  The primary concern with spray tanning is not the technique itself, but how many sessions you will need to achieve the tanning level you feel appropriate to compete.  Many bodybuilders find with spray tanning it is necessary on the actual day of the show to engage in an additional spray tan a few hours prior to competition.  Depending on how dark you are prior to the day of the event, you may find you need to spray tan more than once prior to your stage presence.  But, be careful not to overdo it and come out yielding a visibly fake tan.

Though indoor tanning and spray tans are ever popular forms of competition tanning, and surely the combination of both is a popular technique as well, there is still one more tanning procedure that is every bit effective and efficient – Spa Tanning Tablets.  Spa Tanning Tablets are all natural, have no harmful ingredients, are FDA approved and present with deep dark, natural looking tanning results.

Many bodybuilders find that the use of Spa Tanning Tablets is not only easier and more reliable, but present with no side effects and deliver results that are not only extremely dark, but very natural looking and in no way, deliver the feared fake tan look.  A totally ripped very buff physique is primary to your competition, but surely having the perfect tan will help with your overall presentation and offer the audience a remarkable look at your entire muscle tone and definition.  For this reason, choosing a tanning product that is reliable, efficient and very effective is imperative to your bodybuilding competition and Spa Tanning Tablets are just that product.

If you are a bodybuilder preparing for your competition, then surely you want to dedicate time to your tanned look as well as to your perfect physique.  With this task at hand, choosing the right tanning product can be a bit of a challenge.  However, we highly recommend the use of Spa Tanning Tablets to accomplish this very task and add that extra level of perfection to your competition.  For more information on these remarkable tanning tablets visit http://www.spatanningtablets.co.uk and get your supply of the most sought after tanning tablets on the market today.