Get to Know Everything About Winstrol

Winstrol is a form of synthetic type of anabolic steroid whose origin is attributed to dihydrotestosterone. It is also known by the name Stanozolol. This composition was first of all formulated by the company Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962 and since then it was made available for human consumption. It can be used for treatment in animals as well. It generally comes in a tablet form and is used by the way of oral consumption. It can also be taken in an injection form.Stanozolol


Its uses are highlighted as follows –

  • For treatment of anaemia and angioedema that is hereditary in nature.
  • For improvement of muscle growth.
  • Increasing the production of red blood cells in the body.
  • Enhancing the bone density level.
  • Stimulation of appetite.

For enhancement of the overall performance level by sufficiently increasing the metabolism rate and various other aspects.

It is widely used by athletes and those who are aiming to build their bodies so as to reduce the level of body fat but at the same time maintaining a lean body with adequate mass and to enhance their overall functioning and strength. Oral Winstrol is a highly used anabolic steroid by the body builders and athletes.

A cause of concern

Although it is approved by the FDA for human consumption but because of its ability to enhance the performance level, it is banned in many sports competitions and other events and many authorities disallow the use of such a steroid.

Usage level

Usually the dosage that is taken by men for this steroid is around a maximum of 100mgs per day and for women around a maximum of 15 mgs per day.

Side Effects of Winstrol

  • It can cause an effect on the liver and over consumption can be a serious problem.
  • It can cause pain in joints.
  • Problems in urination may also occur if the dose gets extended.
  • Over usage can lead to cardiovascular issues and decrease in the ejaculatory volume.
  • In females, it can result in deep voice, acne, growth in the facial hair, menstrual problems etc.
  • It can induce nausea and vomiting.
  • Sleeping difficulty may be observed.
  • Headaches may occur and swelling in certain parts of the body and other symptoms on individual to individual basis.

Uses of StanozololPoint to be noted 

If you are using it for a genuine medical reason then try to begin with the lowest possible dose only as it can have side effects. If anyone is having an existing medical problem like diabetes, heart issue, bone problems, pregnancy or any other medical concern then don’t go for it without first consulting a doctor.


If Winstrol is used for a genuine medical purpose or like for shedding of excess body weight and to gain a lean body with adequate level of mass then it’s okay to intake it within limits for a certain period. But dependency on this drug for a very long time can produce serious side effects as well. Thus, one should consider all the consequences before taking this steroid. Also note that many competitions and organizations ban the use of such drugs as it is used for performance enhancement, thus keep in mind whether it is permitted or not for the option you are considering.