How YK11 SARM Is Beneficial For Your Bodybuilding Goals

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARM is known for giving muscle growth results. Although anabolic steroids are also used for the same purpose, SARMs unlike anabolic steroids do not have any harmful side effects associated with it. Scientists and doctors from Japan are doing research on a new kind SARM which is also known as YK11. It is considered the strongest and the most effective among all. It is more powerful than traditional steroids like DHT. YK11 is a kind of SARM which produces the same effect as myostatin. Bodybuilding Goals

What is YK11 SARM?

YK11 SARM was first discovered by a scientist name Yuichito Kanno in 2011. He published the results of his research where he confirmed that this rare compound is a kind of SARM. If you take a closer look at YK11 SARM you will find that it gets attached to the AR. It has the same effects as traditional androgens which are available in the market at this moment. It can boost the hair growth of your body without affecting the prostate. However, if you take too much of it at a time, you may experience symptoms of aggression. If you act wisely and take it in proper doses, you can be assured that there you will not face any problem at all.

How SARM YK11 works?

YK11SARM attaches itself to the androgen receptor. Most SARMs have few side effects and often limited anabolic effects when it is linked to the testosterone. But, that is not the case with YK11 and it was stated in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin in the year 2013.

Yuichito Kanno first tested this on C2C12 muscle cells and not on humans or animals. He found out that if the muscles of the body are exposed to 500nmol of YK11 SARM, it produces more anabolic factors compared to DHT. So, what does it imply? It means that YK11 SARM induces muscles cells to make follistatin more than DHT despite DHT being a strong inhibitor of myostatin. If you are using it for the first time you must always remember that it works via androgen receptor so you must be careful. SARM YK11 produces the same results as testosterone except it does not have any detrimental side effects.

How is it good for body building?

YK-11 SARMSARMS like YK11 are very famous in the industry of body building because they are effective for loosing fat and gaining muscles. A lot of gym trainers and body builders recommend YK11 SARMS OVER AAS since it does not have any harmful side effects like high blood pressure, liver damage and HPTA shutdown as they target selective areas.


What is the proper dosage? If you want to experience all the benefits of SARM YK11, make sure you consume not more than 5mg a day initially. You can gradually increase your dosage to 10mg. However, you must always keep a track of your dosses since over intake and cause harmful side effects like aggression.


YK11 can be taken by any adult provided he/she has full understanding of it. If you tend to experience health issues, it is advised that you stop taking it and visit the local doctor.